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Bone, joint, and soft tissue problems in the foot are commonly seen across a range of medical conditions. These problems are often well-served by conservative modalities used in pedorthic care. 

  • Chronic Diseases: Diabetes with peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy, arthritis, post-polio syndrome

  • Rehabilitation: Trauma, post surgery, foot ulcers, tissue stress, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and metatarsalgia

  • Deformities: Leg-length discrepancy, bunions, hammer toes, congenital deformities, braces

  • Sports: Overuse injuries and pathomechanics, rehabilitation, improving performance, preventing injuries

At Boston Pedorthic we are dedicated to improving foot function and comfort with shoes, custom foot orthotics and shoe modifications. 
If you would like to feel better on your feet than you do now, we encourage you to make an appointment with a pedorthist and let's get started.
If you are receiving care now from a physician, nurse or therapist, our focus on footwear may enhance your treatment plan and improve day-to-day comfort. 

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