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Designed for healthy walking, standing, and playing.

Pedorthic Shoes are the product of a consumer-driven movement to improve styling and choices in orthopedic shoes.

Our feet our complex structures; the joints, bones and tendons can become injured and wear out.   Our feet provide the basis for our ability to move --and they do this while bearing our weight. 

That is why it is essential to protect our foot  function for as long as we can.  Fortunately, more fashion forward designs make it easier to wear shoes that reflects our personal taste. 

At the Boston-based clinic at 1929 Commonwealth Avenue, there is fitting inventory for:

Difficult Fitting

Accommodation of Deformities

Men's Dress Shoes


Online, you can shop for more styles not nessarily in stock in the clinic, such as these brands:

Finn Comfort*

Theresia M.


Custom shoes

* Contact Us for a Discount Code

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