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Shin Spints can often be healed and prevented from reocurring through structural support provided by Boston Pedorthic's CUSTOM FOOT ORTHOTICS FOR SHIN SPLINTS TREATMENT

Pedorthics is a conservative approach to reducing forces that produce excessive tissue stress on structures at the shin. Through advantage of in-house, precision manufacturing of advanced custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment, results are accelerated so you can heal from shin splints, prevent them from reoccurring and start enjoying the sport you love.


'Shin Splints' (medial tibial stress syndrome) is a term used to describe overuse injuries that cause pain in the shin region of the leg. Shin splints is common sports injury that interrupts athletic pursuits, often early in the season.

Is there a cure for shin splints? A variety of possible causes underlie the leg pain associated with shin splints. Qualified diagnostic care is recommended to determine the exact causes of shin splint pain before seeking pedorthic solutions, like using foot orthotics that encourage a return to strenuous activity.

When you are safe to resume physical activity, orthotics can provide shin splints treatment and prevent reoccurrence in most cases, including:

  • If the cause of shin splints is excessive foot pronation

  • If a stress fracture of the tibia is due to repetitive loads in an unbalanced foot, the foot may pronate excessively and reduce shock absorption. Orthotics can offer correction after the fracture has healed, in order to prevent reoccurrence.

  • If the alignment of the leg and foot requires a compensating subtalor joint pronation

  • If the foot is adversely high arched (pes cavus), producing extreme shock with the ground at impact


It is important for athletes to know how to avoid shin splints. Proper positioning of the foot, combined with adequate mechanical support during high impact sports is essential to the prevention of shin splints and many other sports injuries and other disruptive and progressive foot conditions.

Start with your athletic shoe to avoid shin splints. Look for a shoe that:

  • fits well in length and width

  • that flexes at your ball joint

  • is selected for your foot type

  • has sufficient arch support

  • has sufficient medial and lateral support

  • handles high impact well

  • is not worn after material compression

Mass-produced shoes cannot address everyone’s detailed needs, and due to the high-impact nature of most sports, custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment provide full contact that a shoe cannot hope to achieve. Not all custom foot orthotics are created equal. A truly great orthotic can go much further to support your individual foot over a lifetime of active living, comfortably and safely, so you can enjoy your sport to its fullest.


A highly individualized approach, combined with in-house, precision technology for producing detailed custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment, yields the best results for the reversal and prevention of shin splints.

It starts with an in-depth, pedorthic assessment to assess the foot conditions that may be causes of shin splints. Beginning with a recounting of your history and symptoms, the pedorthist will examine your feet and your gait and seek to determine the contribution your shoes can make toward your goals.

Why pedorthics? More prevalent in Europe than the US, a pedorthist is an allied health professional, focused on footwear, as it performs to meet your individual foot condition, including but not limited to shin splints treatment. Pedorthists are highly skilled in evaluating shoes, detailing custom shoes, manufacturing custom foot orthotics and all manners of orthopedic modifications to shoes.

As an athlete invested in your feet, you can expect to find the pedorthic assessment highly informative and valuable to you. At this time, there is no charge to see an ABC board-certified pedorthist by appointment at Boston Pedorthic for an initial evaluation.


You’ve tried stretches, taping, and icing shin splints. Your physician has diagnosed or ruled out an active stress fracture and other medical conditions. A pedorthist or other clinician has indicated overpronation or other inbalances in your foot structure that are aggravated by running. Well-designed custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment provide re-distribution of forces delivered from the weight and load you produce on your limbs, with special consideration paid to high impact shock.

Starting with inexpensive, off-the-shelf orthotics is an easy way to get started with shin splints treatment. If that does not go far enough, a custom approach is usually indicated. And custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment are readily available from any number of professionals who provide them as part of their overall practice.

Because custom foot orthotics are a specialty of Boston Pedorthic, we use a combination of technologies and possess the skills that you can rely on. From 3D imaging to computer-aided design and manufacturing. This means better results, starting with getting rid of shin splints. Beyond that, you can expect improved stamina, stability, pain-and-pressure-relief, comfort, power and performance from your custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment by Boston Pedorthic.


Your goal is ambitious. It starts with eliminating shin splints. But you can expect more. Your custom foot orthotics should feel great. When your foot impacts with the ground, you can expect much more contact and power. And that will make you a better athlete.

Custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment require detail to be successful. This includes subtle changes of elevation, pitch and material that become apparent after wear.

Control over all aspects of production, from design, manufacture to materials for fabrication is important criteria for best practices at Boston Pedorthic because custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment often need to be adjusted. It is important to note that all work is performed by Boston Pedorthic staff on machinery owned and operated by Boston Pedorthic. The benefit to you is that Boston Pedorthic has the ability to build not just any orthotic for shin splints, but your orthotic, for your shin splints treatment, addressing the particular forces that cause problems in your feet and limbs. Precisely and responsibly.


The result is superior support of healthy joint alignment, superior capabilities to offload painful pressures, thorough coverage of the weight-bearing surface of the individual feet, and full integration of shoes for a complete therapeutic result.

The foot is managed to alleviate symptoms associated with excessive foot pronation or severe inflexibility of the foot, major causes of shin splints. Where shock impact has contributed to shin splints, it is often necessary to provide for adequate shock absorption and full contact of the weight-bearing foot on the orthotic and precise integration with the complementary athletic shoe. Each person is different with specific, individual requirements for best results. Indeed, each foot is different, the left, the right and what happens in between them. A highly customized and detailed approach is Boston Pedorthic's signature to shin splints treatment and preventing shin splints in the future.

Some clients respond quickly to custom foot orthotics for shin splints treatment, within a week or two, seeing substantial improvement in a reduction of pain, and resumption of tolerating their desired activities. Others may require a month or more for therapeutic results to develop. If the pain of shin splints persists after the application of the structure and support provided by Boston Pedorthic's advanced custom foot orthotics for shin splints, then reassessment of extenuating reasons for persistent complaints should be assessed.

In our clinical experience at Boston Pedorthic, we have witnessed many cases of severe shin splints treatment resolve to the satisfaction of athletes who are coping with disruptive, painful flare-ups during sports.

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