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Determining which shoes in your Wardrobe can accomodate your orthotics

Once you have custom foot orthotics that work for you, you'll want to wear them everyday — in your walking shoes, athletic shoes, boots, etc.

Many shoes are manufactured with removable sock liners. These sock liners can be removed and a custom foot orthotic inserted in its place. 
You can use your orthotics interchangeably in multiple shoes as long as the shoes all share a similar shape and volume.  

The more depth and volume the shoe has, the better it can accommodate the foot orthotics.  For narrower, dress shoes, a custom insole can be made that is thinner. It provides support and alignment, albeit not as much as a deeper shoe would provide. 

Using orthotics across different sandals is more restrictive because fitting at the perimeter must be exact in order to fit without gapping. 

If you are considering investing in custom foot orthotics for new shoes, be sure that the shoes are returnable so that they can be evaluated for proper integration.

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