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"I have been a patient of Boston Pedorthic for three years. They have transformed my life. For the first time in two decades I can walk comfortably for hours. They have also greatly helped both my wife and my daughter. The people at Boston Pedorthic are lovely. The demand for their services far exceeds their capacity and they have been working hard to try to increase that capacity. But at the core of the operation is a man who is a true genius...and achieving the perfect fit isn't a fast process. So, you have to approach Boston Pedorthic's services with a level of patience. For me, any frustration regarding time lines is worth the extraordinary result you end up with." 

- Karim Sahyoun

Eric makes custom shoes that have changed my life. He has been making my shoes for five years now. I could not walk without pain for more than ¼ mile before getting the Boston Pedorthic shoes. Now I can walk miles. Eric understands the biomechanics of walking, and applies this knowledge to the shoes that he makes.

Dick Rubinstein

Great shoes, very helpful staff!

Chris Madan


"I'm a racing cyclist and compete in over sixty races a year. Foot comfort is very important to me. I have a high arch and the shape of my shoes didn't conform to the shape of my foot. As a result, I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and loss of efficiency. 
Boston Pedorthic built an orthotic which fit my foot perfectly. The result? Painless rides and a smooth pedal stroke."

Eugene Boronow, Tucson, AZ 

"I enjoy playing basketball in a men's league, but for years I have experienced foot pain during and after every game. Every now and then I would land on my foot in such a way that caused pain for several weeks whenever I walked. My parents recommended that I visit the pedorthist they see in Brighton - since I couldn't find anyone in the Washington D.C. or Virginia area with the same technology as they have at Boston Pedorthic. On my next trip back to Massachusetts, I scheduled an appointment at Boston Pedorthic. They were able to create orthotics that allow me to play the entire basketball game with no pain. I also feel more overall support for my ankles, and can play harder because I'm not as fearful of hurting myself. I was warned that I would probably need to return for one or more adjustments to get the right fit and support, but it turned out that the fit was perfect and no follow-ups were needed. The orthotics are so comfortable that I wear them even when I'm not playing basketball. They're also surprisingly durable - my current pair of orthotics has long outlasted the original pair of sneakers they came in."

Adam R., Alexandria, VA

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"In the last 5 years I have walked in 65 countries worldwide. I am known to youth worldwide as 'Dr. John' (Ed.D., Harvard University). Since 1999, I've been on a voluntary mission to teach teens how to avoid HIV/AIDS. I meet youth on the street, and they take me to meet their peers throughout the community. We're talking about walking in narrow urban slums and rocky paths in rural outposts. Much of where I walked was uneven terrain that would present challenges to any hiker. Because of my history of diabetes and advancing neuropathy, I have to be extra careful of where and how I walk to avoid falls and injury. That's why I was advised to go to Boston Pedorthics for excellently constructed shoes and customized inserts for my foot condition. I'm glad that I did. 
Boston Pedorthic fitted me with cool-looking walking shoes and custom foot orthotics. I can now walk in places that even a year ago would have been impossible for me".

Dr. John Chittick
Fitchburg, MA

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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Boston Pedorthic truly exceeded my expectations. Not only did they listen to my concerns about the pain in my feet but they also made sure I had shoes that were fashionable. I've been in customer service my entire life and their determination to truly help me combined with their "can do" attitude is something that I've never experienced with any other orthopedic shoe specialist. They're the only people in the field who have truly addressed my personal needs."

Marion Boch
Norwood, MA


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"Dealing with flat feet my entire life, I've had custom supports since I was a teenager. The orthotics that Boston Pedorthic gave me are the first ones that have provided any significant comfort and I believe it's the high-tech equipment that they use combined with their ability to truly listen to my needs that made all the difference. I'm thrilled!"

William Bolton, Woburn, MA


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"I have been dealing with tremendous pain in my feet for many years and nothing has seemed to help. I am so grateful that the specialists at Brigham & Women's Hospital recommended I contact Boston Pedorthic because I am finally walking without any pain for the first time in my adult life. The state-of-the-art equipment combined with all the attention they gave me to customize the product made a tremendous difference in ensuring my comfort."

Toula Tuckerman
Newton, MA


David Aronson
Framingham, MA

"My ten year old son has flat feet and it hurts for him to do a lot of walking and sports. I took him to Boston Pedorthic to get orthotics because I was confident from the work they did for me. They made my orthotics and it's really helped relieve my foot pain. 
Now Zach's feet hurt a lot less at the end of the day. This spring, I ordered a second pair for his soccer cleats because he complained that he couldn't wear the cleats. 
I don't have to remind him to move the orthotics between his different shoes. He needs them, so he sees them as a way to help himself - which is nice for a ten-year old. Most kids his age need to be reminded to brush their teeth. For him to do it by himself shows me that he not only knows that the orthotics help him, he experiences the benefit."

Reneé Viens 
Lawrence, MA

"As a pregnant woman who commutes every day to Boston, I knew I would need to take extra good care of my feet, especially as I gained weight. As I go into my last trimester of pregnancy, it has been extremely important to have comfortable footwear in order to avoid back, leg and foot discomfort. Between custom foot orthotics and stylish-looking shoes, Boston Pedorthic has contributed to my healthy and happy pregnancy."

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Ron Jones

N. Reading, MA

"I contacted Boston Pedorthic to help optimize my performance as an athlete in track and football. Before, the pain I experienced during practice was so intense that after only a couple of hours I had to stop. Now I can last the entire six hours. It's the custom design that made all the difference. A pedorthist even came to my training session to ensure that they could properly capture my gait and create a perfect fit."

Nick Larkin 
Football Captain 
2007 Boston College

"Following foot surgery, my hometown pedorthist from Cincinnati, Ohio did a great job with custom foot orthotics that helped me compete in high school football and college. In my senior year, I needed to find someone local because my pedorthist had past away and my orthotics were shot.
I showed Eric the inserts that I had and he did a full assessment. He appeared to be extremely knowledgeable. He spent a lot of time with me, and between what he could see that my previous pedorthist had already done and by using his own techniques, he created orthotics for me that were incredibly comfortable, durable, and alleviated much of my foot pain.
The orthotics sustained me for the entire season and I came back twice - when I was trying to play professionally and had put on weight and more recently as a slimmer person, still active, but not competing, just playing pick up basketball with friends. Both times, he adjusted and reinforced the orthotics to support those two different lifestyles.
I now know that without the orthotics made by these two master pedorthists, I wouldn’t have been as fast, as agile, and as explosive (because they’re so stable.)"

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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Because of my bunion pain, I haven't been able to find shoes that fit me well for years. I really enjoy taking long walks in the city. After being fitted for shoes and custom foot orthotics from Boston Pedorthic, I finally feel great. It's amazing - I have no pain when I walk and I routinely walk or go hiking up to six hours a day."

Bill Lafferty, Arlington, MA


"As an ultra marathon runner and triathlete, I really put my footwear to the test. But I have to say that I LOVE the Boston Pedorthic orthotics you made for me! I ran a marathon two weeks ago in Indiana and they worked like a charm. I had no leg or foot issues whatsoever. It was my 26th marathon and (for the first time ever) I didn't get any blisters! In addition, I have been doing 3-4 hour trail runs with the orthotics, running through knee-deep water. The orthotics dry out quickly and feel great. I'm planning to run the Stone Cat 50 miler with them this fall. "

"As a founder of the Thirsty Irish Runners Club, I enjoy mentoring younger runners and exchanging stories. I average 10 training miles per day and have not missed a day since 1998. I had a history of knee pain, but with my Boston Pedorthic orthotics, I now enjoy running far more than I ever expected. I moved two first places in the senior division of New England Runners magazine Pub Series and have placed in every race so far this year. "

Paula Garland
Hopkinton, MA

David Wessman
Scituate, MA

"I'm a new runner and was experiencing ankle and arch pain prior to using Boston Pedorthic orthotics. I'm pleased to report that I love my orthotics. I am pain-free and breaking my timing record. I plan to run lots of marathons and to use running to benefit "Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative."

"I run marathons and I'm very in tune to what's going on with my feet. I have flat feet, and I'm quite selective about what kind of orthotics I choose for support. I wanted to make sure that I had the best support possible, so I went to Boston Pedorthics for a pair of orthotics. 
I played competitive varsity sports all through high school, and also at a Division I college. It's great to be treated like an athlete. Eric at Boston Pedorthic was fabulously attentive to detail, and adjusted my orthotics until the best alignment was found."

John David Reuben
Sudbury, MA

Lisa Napoli 
Lexington, MA

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