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Designed to distribute peak pressures and accomodate deformities.

People with diabetes, who are diagnosed by their doctor to have complications of neuropathy and circulatory deficiencies face the risk of developing lesions on their feet. Lesions can become infections that easily escalate and progress to amputations.  A major contributing risk-factor is footwear that causes excessive shear and compressive forces to occur on the weight-bearing foot.  An accomodative foot orthotic combined with an appropriate shoe provides a safe in-shoe environment.


  • Precision milled, vacuum molded or heat molded

  • Soft, 40 durometer EVA base material exerts a minimal force against the foot, while maintaining support.  

  • 3 pairs of orthotics per year because they expire after four months of continual use.

  • Soft platezote top cover for cushioning and moisture wicking

  • Fitted precisely into your shoes for optimum results

  • Fully adjustable

  • Fabricated in Massachusetts by Boston Pedorthic personnel.

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