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The Best Diabetic Shoes
are not something you buy

  • You don't buy them online or in a store

  • You don't have to pay for them at all, usually

  • You do get attention from a footwear specialist

  • You do get to choose a style that you like, usually

  • You do get a wider selection of shoes.

  • You usually do get foot orthotics

The best Diabetic shoes are not just shoes - but a comprehensive medical benefit, supplied by a credentialed, footwear professional.   Your insurance may pay and the benefit includes depth shoes or custom shoes -- and also includes foot orthotics and other possible interventions designed to distribute peak pressure when you walk.


The benefits to you include comfort, stability and safety.  

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Ask Your Doctor for a Prescription

To qualify for an insurance benefit, you may need to have risk-conditions of the feet, secondary to diabetes.   Ask for depth-shoes and 3 pairs of foot orthotics.  

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