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Alden Shoes for Foot Health

Alden Modified Last 556

The Modified Last

The Modified Last is one of the most versatile lasts ever developed. It will fit a high arch contracted type foot more successfully than any other last. Yet, it will fit with excellent results the pronated weakened foot type as well. This universal aspect of the Modified Last gives it a unique reputation as a reliable fitter for true comfort.

The Modified is essentially an oversized last with a snug waist and arch which gently support the foot in a balanced position in weight bearing. The broad toe offers unrestricted toe room along the inner border as well as along the third, fourth and fifth toes. The short backpart holds the foot in firm control even with prescribed corrections.

The Modified Last is used in fittings where a high arch or contracted foot type is found. There is ample room to accommodate plantar inserts where prescribed. The Modified Last may be used for pronated foot shapes, particularly flexible feet which will respond to prescribed correction. Remember that the Modified Last carries heavy ribbed right and left flanged shanks... Right and left heels... Counters slightly extended on the inside.

Alden's Modified is an effective last for delivering a new standard of all day comfort, offering welcome relief to those who suffer foot stress, fatigue, and pain.

There's no substitute for professional shoe fitting. And it's worthwhile to be fitted by a certified pedorthist for no extra charge — especially if you're experiencing discomfort or seeking injury prevention. Just call in advance to schedule a convenient appointment.

Please note: Boston Pedorthic specializes in the orthopedic shoes represented by Modified Last and the Contoured Depth Inlay. Shoes from other lasts are available through special order. Contact us or call for more information:

Telephone (617) 787-8779

For those who need custom support,
Boston Pedorthic makes its
to the highest technical standard
that fits precisely in your Alden Shoe.


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